Azure Web PubSub Connector

Title Azure Web PubSub Connector
Type Connector


  • Azure
  • Realtime Messaging

Azure Web PubSub Connector connects your OutSystems backend with Azure Web PubSub Service and provides the following features

  • Create unique access url for clients - Each frontend client you wish to communicate with needs a unique access url which it uses to connect to Azure Web PubSub. The access url also contains an access token including the user id. The access url is used by the Websocket widget of the Azure Web PubSub WebSocket Library module.
  • Send Message to User, Group or All
  • Manage Group memberships

A note on Hubs. Azure Web PubSub has a concept of Hubs. A hub can be seen as a message topic. So you should name and use your hubs based on the type of message in can send and receive (e.g. TemperatureDataChange). Hubs are just text string and you can name them as you want. All server actions require the hub name as input parameter and there is no way to send a message to multiple hubs with a single action.

Access Urls for a client are also always bound to a single hub. In case a client needs to listen to multiple hub messages you need to add multiple Websocket widgets and create multiple access urls (one for each hub).

This component includes a demo application which shows how to use both the connector server actions and the client widget.


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