Microsoft Graph To-do Tasks Connector

Title Microsoft Graph To-do Tasks Connector
Type Connector
Modules 1


  • GraphAPI
  • Connector

Perform Microsoft Graph To-do Tasks API operations

Microsoft To-do tasks is well known as a Microsoft Windows desktop application and is also accessible via Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft Graph is a unified REST API gateway to data of the Microsoft 365 universe, ranging from querying to configuration options of your Microsoft 365 tenant. You can read more about the Microsoft Graph API here.

Our component provides an easy-to-use integration service with the To-do Tasks endpoint. It allows you to manage task lists and tasks from your OutSystems application. Additionally, you can add linked resources to your tasks to let users of the Microsoft To-do desktop application directly access screens in your OutSystems application.

To use this component, you need to have an access token. The component itself does not have an option to retrieve an access token. Instead, we recommend adding the Microsoft Login Connector Reactive Forge component to your application for user authentication.

To get started with the component see our step-by-step tutorial here.


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